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Star Transcription are one of the premier audio transcription companies in the UK. We offer professional interview transcription, general audio transcription, student transcription and additional audio-to-text services. You can see what our customers say about us on our testimonials page.

Call us on 0800 799 9051 or email us at to discuss your transcription needs.

We have a professional team of transcribers that are tested and continually monitored so that they maintain the very highest levels of service. We operate a complete style guide to ensure the quality and consistency of our transcripts, and we are able to accommodate any additional style and format requirements that a customer might have.

We are able to work with any volume of transcription, ranging from one minute up to fifty hours. Our prices are the most competitive in the UK, and we can offer a full confidentiality package and extra style formatting at no extra cost.

Our standard transcription service is ‘intelligent verbatim’ – which means almost verbatim, but with the worst examples of miss-speaks, stutters and hesitations cleaned out, to present a fluent transcript. We can also offer an absolute verbatim service, which is suitable for documents that may be used in a legal environment. We offer a service whereby we turn audio into extended notes or bullet points, which is often used for lectures or presentation recordings.

Please feel to use call us on 0800 799 9051 or alternatively use the form on this page to contact us, or email us on


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